About Us

GH Sustainability A/S is a company with a historic track record of providing innovative solutions worldwide, often in cooperation with experienced local partners. These innovative solutions help our clients with their positive transformation and development actions, which often involve and impact numerous stakeholders.  Our clients are typically private and public companies, financial institutions, development agencies, and governments. 

Our Mission

At GH Sustainability, our mission is to further the paradigm of sustainability within the world around us. 

We do this by providing innovative solutions worldwide in the areas of Sustainable Solutions, Climate Change, and Energy & Environment. Our solutions typically provide innovation locally or globally, and are often built through the combination of various categories of knowhow and experience.  For example, solutions which integrate the use of technology, business practices, financing, capacity building, and social customs & norms.

We like to say that we are “leading a pathway of innovation with sustainable solutions worldwide.”


GH Sustainability A/S was created as an associated company of Grue & Hornstrup A/S in 2018, finalizing a series of corporate restructuring allowing for the services of Automation, Building Engineering, and Sustainability to operate through separate associated companies all based in Holstebro, Denmark.

The history of GH Sustainability goes back to 1998 when Grue & Hornstrup started addressed renewable energy and environmental projects in four Eastern European countries.  These activities expanded, and by 2018 the Energy & Environment Group of Grue & Hornstrup provided solutions in climate change, renewable energy, and environmental technology in over 35 countries worldwide.  Whereby in 2018 the worldwide activities of the Energy & Environment Group were placed under the associated company GH Sustainability.