Enhancing our transparency: Sustainability Report 2018-2019

According to the World Bank report on , Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Finance currently represent 90% of all businesses worldwide, and account for employing approximately 50% of the global workforce.  Given their market share, it is undeniable that SMEs have a real impact on the environment, society, and governance (ESG) of their communities.  Yet SMEs are underrepresented in terms of the reporting of their impacts on national and global sustainability.

As a consulting company which focuses on providing sustainable solutions and climate action, GH Sustainability recognises our responsibility for addressing our impacts along with the need to be transparent towards our stakeholders.  In our newly published Sustainability Report 2018-2019, GH Sustainability seeks to communicate our material ESG impacts and how we work to improve sustainability in the world in which we operate.  This initial report is the benchmark upon which GH Sustainability will measure our future impacts, considering both our own GHG emissions and environmental impacts, as well as our diversity and the social components behind our services and operations. For more insight and inspiration please read our Sustainable Report 2018-2019